Rethinking Education. Towards a global common good?

Trata-se de uma publicação da UNESCO sobre educação e cidadania. Confira o sumário:

Introduction 13

1. Sustainable development: A central concern 19

Challenges and tensions 20

New knowledge horizons 26

Exploring alternative approaches 29

2. Reaffirming a humanistic approach 35

A humanistic approach to education 37

Ensuring more inclusive education 42

The transformation of the educational landscape 47

The role of educators in the knowledge society 54

3. Education policy-making in a complex world 57

The growing gap between education and employment 58

Recognizing and validating learning in a mobile world 62

Rethinking citizenship education in a diverse and interconnected world 65

Global governance of education and national policy-making 67

4. Education as a common good? 71

The principle of education as a public good under strain 72

Education and knowledge as global common goods 77

Considerations for the way forward 83